Morgan Estes
Web Developer

I'm a Web developer with a passion for creating stable, secure, performant, and accessible websites using PHP and JavaScript. I use WordPress for the majority of my work, but have built my own microframeworks for sites and apps, and love to explore new languages and development trends.



WordPress Engineer

Contract contributor to both client and internal projects, with an emphasis on back-end development with PHP and NodeJS.

  • Worked with the Customizer and REST API to leverage WordPress as a headless CMS.
  • Integrated Hubot into the company’s Slack instance and managed the Heroku service it ran on.
  • Worked on writing a bot script for streamlining the client discovery process using CoffeeScript, NodeJS, and Redis.


Web Engineer

Built and maintained custom themes and plugins for a variety of agency clients: large software companies, universities, nonprofits, and financial advisors.

  • Created WP REST API endpoints, using them in custom queries for syndicating posts across a multisite network.
  • Implemented oEmbeds for custom post types prior to inclusion in WP Core.
  • After discovering a vulnerability in a client’s plugin, developed a proof-of-concept exploit, wrote a paper documenting the issue for stakeholders, and patched the plugin so it could be approved for use in a hosting environment.
  • Contributed to several internal projects such as: developing and documenting Git workflows, 10up Engineering Best Practices, a Yeoman-based WP plugin and theme generator, and a Hubot-based bot for HipChat.


Web Developer
Golf Tailor

Recruited to lead development and management of e-commerce and membership sites built on WordPress, where I worked directly with the owner and the CTO to ensure seamless sales flow from static marketing site to WordPress membership site for each property.

  • Evaluated commercial plugins for security and performance.
  • Developed and maintained custom WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Developed Web applications using vendor APIs for sales, customer management, and data migration.
  • Managed all online services, including web servers, email, DNS, domains, and internal networks for two offices.
  • Documented internal procedures for the company, and contributed documentation and code to our third-party video host.


Software Developer
OrionNet Systems

Working in a challenging environment, served as Lead Developer for ThinkHealth Touch, an application written in JavaScript for mobile devices, built on the Cordova/PhoneGap app framework.

  • Added ability to electronically sign treatment plans using HTML Canvas elements and jQuery.
  • Proposed secure storage of on-device data using encrypted databases to prevent potential violations of HIPAA.
  • Used iOS build tools to create app builds and deployed them to iPad devices for QA and sales teams.
  • Encouraged the creation of JS coding standards, and ensured all new code adhered to the adopted standards.
  • Added inline documentation to much of the legacy codebase, and to all new code.
  • Assisted in deployments of updates to software and data to remote client sites.


Web Services Coordinator
Oklahoma Bar Association

The first (and only) person to take on this role of the bridge between the Communications and IT departments for management of the association’s public website, I was responsible for defining the position and experimenting with ways to modernize the site and editorial workflows.

  • Created multiple microsites to promote special events, built with a combination of WordPress and custom-built PHP frameworks.
  • Edited all articles published online, approximately 5-10 a week.
  • Chaired weekly interdepartmental meetings to pitch stories and determine the publishing schedule.
  • Implemented PHP templating system for the website, which was previously edited one page at a time via copy and paste.
Open Source Contributions

Contribute to a variety of Open Source projects in small ways, but most contributions are to WordPress in the form of code and documentation.

  • Former maintainer of the WordPress Toolbar component.
  • Authored the Week in Core blog posts for WordPress during the 4.4 release cycle.
  • Created the online WordPress Trac parser using Node.js to help new Week in Core authors parse the Trac data into a more friendly and usable format.
  • Edit and approve code samples and posts submitted to the Code Reference and update pages and code samples in the Codex.
  • Speaker at the Oklahoma City PHP and WordPress user groups, at WordCamp DFW, and at the inaugural WordCamp US in Philadelphia.
  • Member of the organizing team for the inaugural WordCamp OKC held in July, 2016, primarily responsible for recruiting, vetting, and supporting speakers.


College of Liberal Arts
Oklahoma Christian University

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in business, history, and Bible. Other areas of study include information systems, marketing, and management.



Operations Specialist
U.S. Navy

Served in a variety of roles throughout a 12-year career, with special emphasis on networked command and control systems, and in leadership positions in both administrative and national defense roles.

  • Subject matter expert in the Global Command and Control System, sought out as an advisor to senior Navy and Army staff as well as advanced training for operators.
  • Second-in-command of a ship during Homeland Security deployments during Operation Noble Eagle.
  • Lead operations and communications teams, and served as liaison to the intelligence team during counter-narcotics operations in South America.